Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is ServiceRanger 4?
ServiceRanger 4 is a computer-based electronic service diagnostic program that allows users to troubleshoot and service Eaton automated transmissions and hybrid drivetrain systems and Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies products.
2. What are the computer system requirements for ServiceRanger 4?
To successfully install and operate ServiceRanger 4 your computer must meet the following system requirements:
  • Platform: IBM or 100% Compatible
  • Operating System (32 and 64-bit versions):
    • Windows 10™
    • Windows 11™
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz or greater, dual core or greater
  • RAM Memory: 4 GB or greater
  • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
  • Display: SVGA (1024 x 768 pixels)
  • Required Software: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 or greater
  • Internet: An Internet connection is required for program updates
Note: Apple Mac and Unix/Linux Operating Systems are not compatible with ServiceRanger 4.
3. What products does ServiceRanger 4 support?
ServiceRanger 4 supports the following Eaton and Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies automated transmission and hybrid drivetrain products: Endurant HD®, Endurant XD®, Procision®, Fuller Advantage® Series, UltraShift® PLUS, AutoShift®/UltraShift® Gen2, AutoShift®/UltraShift® Gen3, Lightning, Hybrid Electric Vehicle and Hydraulic Launch Assist.
4. What vehicle link adapters work with ServiceRanger 4?
ServiceRanger 4 requires the use of a vehicle link adapter that is RP1210B compliant and has device drivers that are compatible with the computer’s operating system and external communication ports. Contact your adapter manufacturer for information on driver installation and operating system compatibility. Check the current list of compatible vehicle link adapters and driver version requirements.
5. Is ServiceRanger 4 available globally? Is there multi-language support planned?
Yes, ServiceRanger 4 is available globally. Yes, ServiceRanger 4 supports Spanish, French Canadian and Portuguese languages.
6. Does there have to be an Internet connection to view service procedures in ServiceRanger 4?
No, since an Internet connection is not always available at the vehicle, the ServiceRanger 4 software installation includes all product service procedures. When an Internet connection is available the ServiceRanger 4 update manager ensures that the information is kept up-to-date.
7. Does ServiceRanger 4 link fault codes directly to the product troubleshooting procedures?
Yes, ServiceRanger 4 links directly to up-to-date product troubleshooting and service procedures.
8. Can any vehicle parameters be viewed using the data monitor feature in ServiceRanger 4?
Yes, ServiceRanger 4 allows users to select from all vehicle parameters defined by SAE and Eaton product groups. Several default product parameter lists are available as well.
9. Is there a configuration template programming feature in ServiceRanger 4?
Yes, to configure multiple trucks with the same transmission configuration settings users can now create and store configuration templates with various transmission performance profiles.
10. Is there a service reporting feature to capture and store vehicle service activity?
Yes, an enhanced service activity reporting feature is available. ServiceRanger 4 captures both vehicle and transmission system information such as: fault codes, product software versions, configuration settings, and snapshot data. As repairs or software changes are made ServiceRanger 4 automatically updates the report and stores it on the computer for future reference. Report information is also shared with the Eaton to enhance various service support activities.
11. Why is ServiceRanger 4 a “pay for” tool?
Eaton created this self-sustaining business model to be able to develop and enhance the ServiceRanger 4 program in response to the enhanced sophistication of our products and our customers' desire for a more robust service and diagnostics tool.
12. Are there different ServiceRanger 4 software package types to choose from?
Yes, there are three types of packages:
  • Basic - Includes diagnostics and service information
  • Standard - Includes diagnostics, service information and basic product configuration programming
  • Professional - Includes diagnostics, service information, advanced configuration programming and ECU application software updates
13. How do I purchase a ServiceRanger 4 license?
You will create a private ecommerce account from the ServiceRanger 4 website to purchase and manage your software license numbers. A license can be purchased with a credit card or purchase order.
14. Are multiple-license discounts available?
Multiple license discounts are available for purchases of 35 licenses onwards in multiple tiers. Licenses must be purchased in a single transaction to qualify for a discount. For more details, please contact your Roadranger representative.
15. How many computers can a license number be used on?
One license number will activate the ServiceRanger 4 software on one computer.
Important: Any attempt to use a single license on multiple computers may cause the ServiceRanger 4 software to become inoperable on each computer.
16. Can a license be transferred to another computer?
Yes, in instances where you may be upgrading your computer or the computer becomes damaged ServiceRanger 4 can be activated on another computer by uninstalling it from the old computer (if possible), installing it on the new computer, performing a license transfer in your ecommerce account, and completing the software Activation process on the new computer.
17. Do I need to pay for ServiceRanger 4 software updates?
No, all updates to the ServiceRanger 4 program are included with the license subscription.
18. How do I renew my ServiceRanger 4 license?
Your license may be renewed at any point throughout its renewal period. The renewal period for a license begins 90 days prior to expiration, and ends 30 days after expiration. To renew a license, log into your ecommerce account, navigate to the subscription, click on the Renew Subscription button to add the renewal product to your Shopping Cart then follow the Checkout process. Click here for license renewal instructions.

Important: For the renewal to take effect ServiceRanger must be version 4.2.1187 or greater. If unsure of your version click here to download the latest version. If the license has already expired ServiceRanger 4 will display the activation screen on startup. The current license number will be automatically populated in the activation window. Clicking the Activate button will apply the renewal and open the software. If the license has not yet expired, no action is required in ServiceRanger 4. The renewal will be applied the next time the ServiceRanger 4 update manager connects to the Eaton server. The license expiration date, found in the ServiceRanger 4 Settings>License screen, may take 24 hours to update.
19. How can I renew multiple license numbers at the same time?
You can renew all license numbers that were originally purchased together by logging into your ecommerce account and selecting: My Account > My Organization > Subscriptions. This will show your license subscriptions by the original order number. At the top right of the order will be a renew subscription button that will cause the renewal product to be added to your Shopping Cart for all the numbers that can be renewed for that original order (If the button is not visible, it means there are no license numbers in that order due for renewal). Once added to your Shopping Cart follow the Checkout process.
20. Can I renew a license number after it has expired?
Each license number has an automatic 30 day renewal grace period during which it can be renewed. If the license is not renewed during this time it cannot be renewed and a new license must be purchased.
Note: The renewal purchase will extend your license number from its expiration date not from when the order was placed.
21. What is the price of a license number renewal?
The license number renewal price is only shown once the renewal product is added to your Shopping Cart. The price cannot be shown in the catalog because it is only determined once you select which license number you want to renew.
Note: You can always remove the renewal product from your Shopping Cart if you do not want to purchase it.
22. Does the ecommerce website support non-US credit cards?
Yes, ServiceRanger 4 licenses can be purchased globally using a local MasterCard® or Visa® credit card.
23. Will a VAT number be required to purchase a ServiceRanger 4 license in the European Union?
Yes, a value-added tax identification number (VAT ID) will need to be provided to purchase a ServiceRanger 4 license during the Checkout process.
24. Who do I contact with questions about payment and invoicing?
You can call 1-800-826-HELP (4357) and select the phone menu options 4,1,1 or email
25. Are there any proxy or security settings necessary for ServiceRanger 4 to run on my PC?
Yes, the following settings should be verified:
  • All Eaton services use standard HTTP port 80
  • Proxy white lists should include these domain names:
    • *
    • **
    Note: If using authenticated access, this must be turned off for these domains.
  • Some security programs have application white lists that only allow a list of programs to access the Internet. The following applications must be allowed access to the Internet:
    • C:\Program Files\Eaton\ServiceRanger 4\Eaton.ServiceRanger.exe
    • C:\Program Files\Eaton\ServiceRanger 4\Eaton.Waterhouse.ClientUpdater.exe
26. I get a “Disconnected from Server” error message when I attempt to activate the ServiceRanger
Verify the computer is connected to the internet and there are no folder permissions, security settings, proxy or firewall settings that could be preventing the ServiceRanger 4 software or the ServiceRanger 4 update manager from accessing the Eaton server; any router firewalls should also be checked.
27. I get an “Invalid serial number” error message when I attempt to activate the software.
The following checks should be performed:
  • Check that you entered the license serial number correctly. Trying to copy and paste the serial number could result in a leading or trailing blank space which must be removed.
  • Check that your computer's system clock is set to the correct date and time
  • Log into your ecommerce account and check to see if the license has already been activated on another computer.
  • Check that you are trying to activate ServiceRanger version 4.2.1187 or greater
  • A change to the computer's configuration as a result of any one of the following events could have removed or corrupt the ServiceRanger program license files.
    • A computer crash
    • New software being loaded
    • A change or upgrade to the computer’s hardware such as a replaced hard drive
    • A change or update to the computer’s Operating System
    In all these cases it is recommended that ServiceRanger be uninstalled, then reinstalled and another attempt be made to activate the software.
28. Some ServiceRanger 4 functions are not available after initial installation and activation.
The following checks should be performed:
  • Verify the ServiceRanger 4 package license type you purchased includes support for the functions you are trying to use
  • Verify the computer proxy and security settings are set properly
  • Check that the ServiceRanger 4 Activation process was completed as described on the ServiceRanger 4 website; includes performing a Check for Updates from the ServiceRanger 4 Home screen.
29. The product service manuals and/or troubleshooting guides are missing images.
The initial ServiceRanger 4 installation includes all the product service literature (approximately 500MB). Due to Eaton server limitations the install is completed in phases with the images and videos loading last due to their size. Given enough time, with the computer connected to the internet, all images and videos will download in the background. To expedite the download it is recommended that the computer be left on and connected to an internet connection overnight (ServiceRanger 4 should be shut down during this time).
30. ServiceRanger 4 will not connect or stay connected to the vehicle.
The following checks should be performed:
  • Verify the computer meets the minimum hardware requirements to run ServiceRanger 4
  • Check ServiceRanger 4 compatible vehicle link adapters and driver requirements
  • Check that the vehicle link adapter settings are correct in the ServiceRanger 4 Connection Settings
  • Check that the vehicle link adapter is properly connected and is getting power from the vehicle’s data link connector
  • If you are using an vehicle link adapter wirelessly switch to a wired connection
  • Verify the USB communications port on the computer is functioning properly
31. ServiceRanger 4 connects to the vehicle, but it does not detect any Roadranger products.
Perform the checks described in the previous question. Verify that the Roadranger component ECU is properly connected to the vehicle's data link and is powered up; check ECU powers, grounds and fuse as necessary.
32. How can Eaton help me troubleshoot a SeviceRanger 4 installation or activation problem?
You can call 1-800-826-HELP (4357) and select the phone menu options 4, 1, 2 or email
33. How can Eaton help me troubleshoot a problem with ServiceRanger 4 software functionality?
You can call 1-800-826-HELP (4357) and select the phone menu options 4, 1, 4 or email us. An Eaton support team member may need remote access to your computer to resolve the ServiceRanger 4 software or computer issue preventing proper operation.